I've always wanted to blog…and then this happened!

Writing a blog was always on my to do list, it was a job I never got around to! But then last week the craziest thing happened. Coronovirus was announced a global pandemic, the majority of the country was sent to work from home, then social distancing was introduced, this meant that we had to close our classes at Phonics with Robot Reg. Then schools were closed! Restaurants, cinemas, theatres and pubs were closed, and then parks were closed too!

After what was possibly the most devastating week in my business career, I decided I needed to turn things around. I have always been super positive, I have always looked for the best in situations, but I was failing to see any positives in this!

So I decided to write a list of things that I want to do but have never got around to, writing a blog, launching a podcast and a Youtube Channel are just a few things on my list.

It looks like social distancing is going to be staying around for at least 12 weeks. So making a plan of little challenges you can do whilst you’re at home is a great way of staying sane, and making sure you keep your brain active. I’d love to know what you are going to challenge yourself to do over this strange and crazy prolonged period at home.

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