Will my business survive the Coronovirus?

What a week! I went into this week positive and full of hope. And I  feel like I have been bashed and thrashed every step of the way. First of all we were told that we would need to distance ourselves socially, so  automatically we were questioning if our classes should stay open or not? But we were confused because schools were still running and we always work inline with the schools! After a while it became apparent that schools would be shut too! 

So we did what all small business owners should all do! We thought on our feet, we would have to move online, it was obvious that was our only option but how? How do we do that? Well we would need to figure that out as quickly as we could, be innovative and move forward. 

First of all we started by thinking what would our customers want? So for us this meant,l if schools weren’t in, it would mean that parents were looking for something to do, not only to keep their child learning, but also to keep them entertained. But since parents were going to be concerned about money we needed to make this as affordable as possible. 

We decided to create a facebook page that parents had to pay to be a part of, but  we were going to charge it weekly and they could cancel at any time. We were going to make it packed with learning resources, advice for parents and fun stuff for children. 

But where to start? I am the least tech-savvy person I know. But what do you do if you are in a crisis? You learn. That’s what googles for right? I literally learned everything I  needed to know about how to run online classes, how to set up subscription payments, and came up with a plan for content too! In a matter of hours, it is amazing what you can do if you’re desperate! 

Just 24 hours later and literally inline with the announcement of the schools closing, our Learn Phonics with Robot Reg at home site was ready to go! 

That’s when I figured out that I was going to use this time, when we had to do social distancing because of coronavirus to learn some new things! 

  • I have created a membership site
  • I have my own free facebook community
  • Created my own website 
  • Launched my own blog 

Who knows I’ll probably be able to code by the end of all this!

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