Positivity always wins!

A week has gone by since schools were closed and pubs and shops, and then on Monday we were told that we MUST stay home unless it was essential for us to go out! It has been hard, it has been long, I have shed a tear, I have felt an overwhelming sense of anxiety at times but also I have appreciated so many things that would have otherwise completely passed me by! The sun shining, flowers in my garden, text messages from family and friends, my little boy squealing as he jumps up and down on the trampoline. And as I am trying to take the positive in every situation, because I honestly believe that the most successful people in life are positive, and also to live your best life you will need to be positive, I thought I would share with you my routine for staying positive; 

  • I wake up every morning and write down (or think of) five things to be grateful for.
  • I always wake up an hour before I need to, I think especially as a mum this is SO important, as it means you get to have some time to yourself before your children get up.
  • Pause, just take a moment to pause every day. Because drinking a cup of coffee in the garden is so lovely if you only stop and breathe it in.  
  • And when it all gets too much, go for a lay down, go for a stroll, have a bath and take some time for you. 
  • Slow down, with nowhere to go and nowhere to be you can really slow down and  enjoy the small things, because this time will go quickly and you will always remember it! 

We have to be kind to ourselves at this difficult time, we are having to stay at home, anxious about what is going on and having to keep working, keep our businesses going, all whilst trying to entertain or homeschool children! It’s not easy. But choosing to be positive will make it so much easier. For more positivity come and join my facebook group.

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      1. it was really great <3
        plus I'm pretty new to this whole blogging thing but I believe we should all support each other, right?

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