How to make sales during Coronovirus?

Week 2 of lockdown is complete, and we are celebrating with sunshine and sales! Is it just me or do you think it makes a huge difference when the sun is out, lifts our mood and our positivity instantly. 

I have found this week much easier than last week, I have settled into a flow and me and my husband have set work hours which are making things much easier. We made the decision to change our messaging across all social media platforms and our website, so for us at Phonics with Robot Reg we are talking about online classes and advertising our new membership site. I don’t think this new normal is going away anytime soon, so the first thing I have learnt is to embrace it! It’ll be easy to go back so let’s change our messaging! Lots of people have been in touch to say that they’re getting the same amount of people interested in their product and service but the sales have slowed down, or in some cases stopped completely and  this will be because your messaging is wrong. Peoples wants and needs have changed, so we need to appeal to their new problems not their old ones. So that’s the first thing I have learned! 

This week I have also launched my #fabulousfortnight a social media challenge over on my facebook group, to stay positive and feel fabulous at this tricky time! Each morning I have been live at 8am on my facebook group and on instragram, talking about a new theme each day. This first week I have been concentrating on YOU, because at the end of the day if you don’t look after yourself, you won’t be able to look after others, or your business. The second week is going to be about your business and making sure that you are still making sales, if you are able to online or if you have had to shut your doors completely, we are going to be looking at staying visible and engaged with your audience.The whole challenge is going to end with a masterclass on April 14th so watch out for that, for more information on how you can get involved sign up to my mailing list here. 

Finally, I have learnt that slowing down and living a much simpler life has its benefits. Every single day I write down 5 things that I am grateful for, and strangely enough I am finding this easier in lockdown than ever before! A nice cup of coffee, the birds singing or playing a board game with my little boy I would have overlooked, and they certainly wouldn’t have been on my gratitude list, but when you put things in perspective, they really are the best things ever!!!


My five top tips for making sales during this tricky time: 

  1. Change your messaging today! 

Go on your website, social media platforms and everywhere and change your messaging. Your customers’ wants and needs have changed so we need to change our advertising accordingly. Now I know some people are thinking that hopefully this will be over in a couple of weeks and we’ll all be back to normal! And whilst I think that’s wishful thinking, I also think if that happens we can easily change our messaging back, but for now we need to move our business forward in whatever way we can! 

  1. Be Visible 

I know that for some of us time is a huge issue at the moment as we have children to     look after or even homeschool! But we have got to be staying visible. You want your customers to trust that everything is ok and once this is over it will be back to business as usual! But also customers will want to know what is on offer, they might not all want to buy from you but you must be telling them what is on offer. If you have closed your doors I think that being visible is vital for you, your customers will be there for you when we get back from this but you must keep them updated with what’s happening, tell stories, keep them informed, keep them entertained. You don’t want someone else to come along and fill your shoes!  

  1. Be sensitive 

Obviously this is a tricky time for everyone and people might say things that they don’t mean, act in a way they wouldn’t usually and we need to be sensitive to this when it comes to selling. Look after your existing customers and make sure they are ok, keep in touch with them, this will build up good-will. Understand that not everyone will want, or be in position to buy, but lots will, you are now looking for a new ideal client so you need to be very clear about who that is! 

  1. Try new things

This is the perfect time to be trying new things, if you’ve always wanted to start a blog, why not now, a Youtube Channel, a tik tok account, what have you got to lose? You have an audience there already so start brainstorming ways that you can serve your audience, this is particularly vital for anyone who has had to shut their doors, what else can you do? Can you do a masterclass? Can you tell your story? Offer advice? Do affiliate marketing? I honestly believe that there is something that we could all be doing right now? 

  1. Double down on the stuff that works

We are still doing some of our old tricks that have worked for us in the past, but we are doubling down on these, we are having to get more people into our funnel to make more sales, but that’s expected at a time like this, so don’t be afraid to double down and get stuck in! Make sure you have set work hours each day, even if like me you have to share with the husband because of child care, have clear hours and be productive to get stuff done! And you will make sales! 

I hope this has been useful, if you want more help and advice find out how I can help here, and if you are struggling to stay positive at this difficult time it might be interesting to read this blog all about positivity. Stay safe everyone x 

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  1. Thank you for sharing your great tips to still make sales during this time and yes I agree everything is better when it is sunny.

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