Keep moving forward!

Week 3 of Lockdown! Keep moving forward!

The four day Easter Weekend was a welcome break for me, my husband is still working so the weekends are a different vibe for us as he’s around and it was really lovely to spend time as a family! Although we were supposed to be in Tenerife for the Easter Weekend! 

The last week has been full of ups and downs, there are good days and there are bad days, and Thursday for me was one of the later! I felt like I had lost my mo-jo, I had no activities set up for my little boy, I couldn’t be bothered to do anything apart from sit on the sofa eating mini eggs!  

It’s fine to have bad days! I gave myself the day off and woke up on Friday morning with a new lease of life! We don’t know how long this is going to go on for, we don’t know what everything will be like afterwards and we don’t know what will change. But what we do know is what is happening now, what is happening today. So that’s what I am focusing on.

Each day I am….

  • Doing an hour of exercise, the government have said we can get out to exercise for an hour a day! They’ve given us permission to do that so I am going with it, and it makes me feel so much better afterwards (even if I don’t always fancy doing it before!)
  • Doing 1 thing each day to move my business forward. I want to keep learning, keep growing and keep building my business so everyday I am going to do at least one thing to do just that! 
  • Do something for myself! A hot cup of coffee in the sun, a bath, light a candle, it doesn’t matter what but everyday I am going to do something for me! 

My plan is to keep moving forward, don’t compare myself to others and be grateful every single day! Because we have so much to be grateful for! I would love to know what your top tips for lockdown are?

I have been planning lots for moving my business forward, and making sure I utilise this time, one of my main goals is to look back and have no regrets over how I spent this time. So I am going to try and use the time to the best of my ability; 

  • I have managed to forge lots of new business relationships, I have spoken in membership sites, on podcasts and at online networking events. I have more time to seek these opportunities out at the moment so I am really trying to make the most of that! 
  • I am brainstorming new ideas all the time and we have some good stuff in the pipeline so watch out for that!   
  • I am learning how to podcast and hopefully my podcast will be up and running by the end of this lockdown! 
  • Oh and I’ve added juggling to my goals list this week, just for fun! 

Having goals is giving me focus and getting me through this time, me and my little boy have a couple of goals together too! It just makes it fun and means we forget about what is going on outside our little bubble. What are your goals for this time?

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