The Entrepreneurs Growth Club is born

I remember before lockdown was announced, but we knew it was brewing, reading an article that anticipated all the good that would come from it, people having more time to spend with their family, people cooking with fresh ingredients, and people having creative ideas. At the time I couldn’t see anything but the disruption that it was going to cause me, my family, and most of all my business! 

But time is the best for putting things into perspective, and here we are in week four after having many laughs with my family, learning how to make shortcrust pastry, (and trust me I am no cook,) learning to juggle, to podcast, and launching my own blog! A lot of good things have come from lockdown, and it seems to be continuing so it’s a good job there is a lot left to learn. 

The most exciting thing happened last week though, it was my husband’s idea initially, my membership group was called ‘Charlie Day – Sales Made Easy,’ I was looking forward to my Business Bootcamp happening this week and taking lots of bookings, when he said to me, ‘it’s not really just about sales anymore is it! It has become much bigger than that, you are now looking at lots of different aspects of business.’

And the penny dropped straight away! Yes… you are so right. Whilst sales is what I do day in day out, it’s the most important thing in making a business successful in my opinion, it wasn’t all I wanted to do with my membership site, (I have huge plans,) he was totally right, the name didn’t really do it justice. And since I am getting ready to launch my podcast it seemed like the exact right time to get the name 100% correct! So we got out thinking hats on. 

I’m not very good at this sort of thing, (I know I shouldn’t say that,) but I get really frustrated if an idea doesn’t come to me immediately! And it didn’t. That night when I went to sleep I asked the universe to give me the answer, what should I call my group? I wanted it to be a club? That appealed to female entrepreneurs? I wanted it to be fun and sound intriguing? 

I’m not usually a woo woo type of person, but sure enough, I woke up and there it was! My first thought…. ‘The Entrepreneur’s Growth Club’…….. I said it to my husband (this must have been at least the 100th suggestion) and he said ‘yes! That’s it.’ 

And so The Entrepreneurs Growth Club was born. To say I’m excited is an understatement, I cannot wait for our business bootcamp to officially start this evening. Watch this space for all the exciting things that The Entrepreneurs Growth Club is going to offer…If you want to join my free facebook group for The Entrepreneurs Growth Club, join here.

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