My tips for surviving lockdown!

How are we going into week 7? At the beginning of all this, when we were told that we needed to go into lockdown for 3 weeks I was speechless, literally had no words (and for those of you who know me this rarely happens!) But here we are going into week 7! WEEK 7! That is madness! But we’ve done it, and it has proved to me that we can do anything if we put our mind to it! 

I have seen so many brilliant small businesses adapt to this crazy time in The Entrepreneur’s Growth Club and it has been amazing to see and help these businesses along the way! As we look now at navigating out of the lockdown I think we will need to be as resilient and ready to pivot our business as we were on the way into all this!

Listen to your customers wants and needs! 

I think we can be guided by our customers and what their wants and needs are, don’t make assumptions based on your opinion of what might happen, go with the facts and then think how you can you adapt to offer your customers exactly what they want. 

This is going to be a strange time for everyone and there’s no doubt about it that we are going to have to adapt quickly based on what is thrown at us! 

Staying positive is key! 

Yes we are going into week 7 and yes we can absolutely stay positive through this! We have come this far, even if another 3 weeks of lockdown is thrown at us we can cope with it, we can still move our businesses forward, we can still stay visible. 

Everyday when I wake up I think of 5 things that I am grateful for and I write them down, it’s an absolute game changer! If you look for things that you are grateful for everyday you will find them, and by finding them you will change your perspective and realise that although what we are going through is so tough, we still have so much to be thankful for! 

We have come so far, we have done so well, yes we have all felt overwhelmed and like giving up at times, but we haven’t and that is the main thing. Keep going. Keep moving forward. 


The Entrepreneur’s Growth Club 

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