How to use TikTok to attract your customers!

If this lockdown has boosted one thing it has to be the TikTok audience! If you are not on TikTok yet then my question is ‘why not?’ It’s the fastest social media channel and the audience is growing so quickly that it really is the time to get involved.  Lots of people have said toContinue reading “How to use TikTok to attract your customers!”

Juggling and running a business are pretty much the same thing!

At the beginning of lockdown I decided that I would set myself some goals, to keep me sane, keep me motivated and keep me going. I decided on… – Launch a podcast – Create a blog and website  – Learn to juggle So I thought that I would mix in both work and personal goals,Continue reading “Juggling and running a business are pretty much the same thing!”

The Entrepreneurs Growth Club is born

I remember before lockdown was announced, but we knew it was brewing, reading an article that anticipated all the good that would come from it, people having more time to spend with their family, people cooking with fresh ingredients, and people having creative ideas. At the time I couldn’t see anything but the disruption thatContinue reading “The Entrepreneurs Growth Club is born”

How to make sales during Coronovirus?

Week 2 of lockdown is complete, and we are celebrating with sunshine and sales! Is it just me or do you think it makes a huge difference when the sun is out, lifts our mood and our positivity instantly.  I have found this week much easier than last week, I have settled into a flowContinue reading “How to make sales during Coronovirus?”

Will my business survive the Coronovirus?

What a week! I went into this week positive and full of hope. And I  feel like I have been bashed and thrashed every step of the way. First of all we were told that we would need to distance ourselves socially, so  automatically we were questioning if our classes should stay open or not?Continue reading “Will my business survive the Coronovirus?”

I've always wanted to blog…and then this happened!

Writing a blog was always on my to do list, it was a job I never got around to! But then last week the craziest thing happened. Coronovirus was announced a global pandemic, the majority of the country was sent to work from home, then social distancing was introduced, this meant that we had toContinue reading “I've always wanted to blog…and then this happened!”