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Make 2021 your year to soar! 

Are you doing the right things in business to move it forward? Do you often feel like your winging it and working all the hours and you could be more savvy with your time. The Entrepreneurs Members Group might be just what you are looking for… 

  • Want to make more sales?
  • Want to grow and scale your business? 
  • Learn all the business basics?
  • Learn how to grow an engaged audience?
  • Learn how to create raving fans?
  • Get your reach further than ever before?

You are in the right place, that is what The Entrepreneurs Growth Club Membership is all about! 

When I started out in business I didn’t have a clue… I was lost and unsure where to go for help. How did everyone know all the things from facebook ads to website design? How could I learn? And what would I do when I didn’t know the answers? I was desperate for customers and I would work all the hours to find them, I was exhausted and I felt like giving up! 

I came across plenty of people who could help, but I wanted someone who had done it before, someone who had grown their own business to give me advice and support every step of the way, and I was so grateful when I found my tribe! 

That’s what I wanted to create with The Entrepreneurs Growth Club, I wanted to share everything that I have learnt along my business journey, all the mistakes I’ve made, and how I’ve managed to turn a local class in a village hall to an international business, we were featured in the press on a monthly basis, won countless awards and had amazing opportunities. I want to teach you everything I know so that your business can soar and customers will flow to you….

As soon as you step inside The Entrepreneurs Growth Club a whole world of training will open up from instagram basics to upselling, from goal setting to hashtag training, Linkedin to writing your own press release, you name it, we’ve got it all covered. Not only that but I will be adding new training on a weekly basis that you can attend live, or catch up with at a later date! We also have our monthly book club where business and personal development books are recommended and we learn new things each month. On top of all this you have the most amazing community of women helping you every step of the way, cheering you on, brainstorming ideas with you, and celebrating every single success. 

Over the last couple of months we’ve added: 

  • Marketing masterclass
  • Influencer marketing training
  • Email marketing training
  • Ideal Client Training
  • Etsy training 
  • IG Reels training 
  • Pinterest training

Each month we will add new training and you can even suggest what training you would like to see within the group. 

Coming up we have: 

– Planning your year for 2021 

– Content creation 

– Growing a successful facebook group 

Just to name a few! 

You will see your sales increase within the first month of working with me, we are going to bring making sales the most important thing in your business, and I’m going to help you to fall in love with making sales. 

You will be able to position yourself as the expert in your business, to build up that know, like, and trust factor to create superfans who buy off you time and time again. 

How would you feel if you knew how many sales you were going to make this month? To watch your audience growing, to get people talking about you, raving about you and sharing your business. 

All of this for just £32.00 per month

If you have got any questions then just pop me a message on my socials, or email me

And let’s start making sales together.

And don’t just take my word for it….

Here is what others say:

Sign up today for just £32.00 per month (that’s less than £2 per day) it’s a small investment that you will be able to see back in month one of working with me. Less than a cup of coffee per day to help grow your business! 

And we are now we are offering a year membership for just £250!!! Which means you get three months for free! 

Why work with Charlie? 

Charlie Day is a multi award winning entrepreneur, she has built three children activities businesses from the ground up. Her last venture saw her and her sister launch pre-school phonics classes (Phonics with Robot Reg) which started in a village hall and now has 60 franchisees internationally within three years. 

In 2019 at just 31 Charlie won Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Essex, her efforts have been praised by Theo Paphitis when she won Small Business Sunday. Charlie has been featured in Elite Franchising, The Guardian Series and The Independent. 

Charlie now teaches mums in business that they can do it all! How to grow and scale their businesses whilst working flexibly around their children. She is the host of The Entrepreneurs Growth Club Podcast a top business Podcast she also runs The Entrepreneurs Growth Club to help mums in business reach their true potential. 

If you are looking for Charlie you’ll usually find her in costa drinking an Americano , or in Disneyland with her husband and three year old Ernie!

Do you want to create more sales but you don’t know how?


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